Pauline Lay is an instrumentalist, composer, and events organizer in Los Angeles. She has performed and presented work at several larger institutions, venues, and areas throughout the US, but has also enjoyed the spirit of DIY venues, backyards, and cozy living rooms. Apart from her solo improvised violin and electronics performances, she currently performs and collaborates with other musicians in varying iterations and genres from duets to larger ensembles including her sound enveloping piece, “5x5, a composition for 25 synthesizers."
Her interest in creating familiarity, the feeling of giving, and human connection through sound and performance is the basis for “5:4:1, a composition for horns, voices, and percussion" -premiered on July 25, 2019 at Levitt Pavilion Los Angeles.
pehrspace and its non-profit, Pehr Arts, Ltd. are other projects she spends time on.